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Our Website Form is down for maintenance.

All users must send their project to

If you are arranging the files yourself, please follow the instructions below, if you are sending us folders and want us to organize the photos, please contact us first for pricing options. email us here

You can share your

DropBox Albums
ShutterFly Albums
Google Photos


For MAC users

For PC Users

Make a Master Folder on your Desktop (my child’s montage)

Inside this folder make other section folders
1 - Growing Up

2 - Siblings

3 - Family

4 - Extended Family
5 - Activities (Sports Travel Hobbies)
6 – Friends
7 - Finale ( a few recent shots of your child)

Then in each section rename the photos in the order of appearance, it
 can be a simple as 1,2,3 or more complex such as:










Drag and drop all folders in this link - when the page turns BLUE just let go of your mouse


Please make sure to include a text file with your song list


Make sure to include your LOGO and the name of the font used

Make sure you send your Target.jpg for the end mosaic for those that choose the Plus package or greater.

If you selected the Mitzvah Plus Package please name the template in your text file.

Templates can be found here

If you are doing our Supreme Package or above, please make a folder with your Professional Proshots and send them along with the wetransfer.

If you would like to ZOOM with me, please TEXT ME First, then Join in the waiting room.

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