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Cherish the Memories of Your Child's Wonder Years with our TimeWarp® Bar/Bat Mitzvah Montage

Our TimeWarp® Montage is our flagship package

Harper's TimeWarp® Bat Mitzvah Montage
Play Video

Harper's TimeWarp® Bat Mitzvah Montage

Chloe Timewarp.mp4
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Chloe Timewarp.mp4

Sasha's Timewarp® Montage
Play Video

Sasha's Timewarp® Montage

Noah's Bar Mitzvah TimeWarp Montage
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Noah's Bar Mitzvah TimeWarp Montage

All 3D Openings for this package are hand-made and custom designed with ideas we take from your Logo, Theme, Vibe, and colors. If you have something special in mind, please discuss it with us prior to starting.

Our TimeWarp® Packages Includes

  • 125 Photos & 3 Video Clips

  • Our Real3D® Themed Opening

  • Our Real3D® Mosaic Ending

  • Upgraded 3D Themed Section Titles

  •  40 of your 125 photos are treated with our Real3D® style and sprinkled throughout the montage

* Additional Photos or Videos $15

* Cropping and Red Eye Removal is included

* revision is included, add, replace, or delete photos

Base your photos around this formula
for best results:
Growing Up 15
Siblings 15
Family 15
Extended Family 15
Hobbies and/or Activities 20
Friends 35
 (most recent shots) 10
(this is becoming popular as series of photos through time)

To see our process, click here

"Sophisticated & Fun Montages at a price that is hard to believe and impossible to beat!"


Click on an image to view samples!

Mitzvah Montage Standard


Gather 125 of your favorite Photos and up to 3 short home videos clips or Cameos and we will make an exciting and unique Photo Montage for YOU!

Your Logo is used as an opening and a Mazel Tov ending is included.

Additional Photos/Videos @$2.00 each

Mitzvah Montage Extreme


This includes all the previous upgrades Plus we will include 1 section in our Real3D® Style with an option to upgrade other sections in our Real3D® Style.

Popular sections to upgrade are Growing Up, Activities, Finale! The first 15 photos in one section of your choice is added in the price. Other sections can be added to keep the 3D Imagery going!.

Entrance Videos


Gather all you best photos, tell us your theme, and we do the rest!

Need Help Choosing Songs?

Need Help with Choosing Songs? Start Here!

Mitzvah Montage Plus


Everything in our Mitzvah Standard Package PLUS . . .

Add an Animated 3D Themed Opening Plus our Incredible Mosaic Lite® ending for an upgraded experience.

Choose from a wide assortment of Animated Introductions.

TimeWarp® Montage


A totally unique experience. This package Includes everything in the Supreme package PLUS 40 of your 125 photos are treated in our Real3D® style and sprinkled throughout the montage. The body of the montage takes on a larger than life experience.

This package is LOADED with amazing 3D Artistry!

Save The Date Videos


Gather all you best photos, tell us your theme, and we do the rest!

Free Tutorials

Free Tutorials to get you started

Mitzvah Montage Supreme


Upgrade your Montage to Include our Signature Custom Hand-Crafted Real3D® Themed Opening and our REAL3D® Mosaic Ending.

Gary Freedline will custom design your One of a Kind Real3D® Opening based on your LOGO, THEME. COLORS, & VIBE! NO TWO ARE ALIKE!

Real3D® Extreme Montage


Your Entire Montage is produced in our Real3D® Style. The Ultimate Experience!

Theme Masters!

Are you looking for ideas for your THEME?

All Packages $749 and up receive a Signature Hand-Crafted Gary Freedline Masterpiece!


Read what families have to say about our Montages, or leave a review yourself!

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