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Revisit your child's Wonder Years with a Mitzvah Montage Plus
Memories that Last Forever with a Mitzvah Montage

Add a Template 3D Open and our Mosaic Lite ending to complete your montage experience!

Jonah's Bar Mitzvah Montage
Jonah's Bar Mitzvah Montage
Play Video

Jonah's Bar Mitzvah Montage

Raya & Mason's B'nai Mitzvah Montage
Play Video

Raya & Mason's B'nai Mitzvah Montage

Andrew Brunn Bar Mitzvah Montage
Play Video

Andrew Brunn Bar Mitzvah Montage

Lily's Bat Mitzvah Montage
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Lily's Bat Mitzvah Montage

The Mitzvah Montage Plus $399 Includes:

* 125 photos of your choice
* 3 home video clips
Customized Template Animated Opening
Surprise Mosaic Lite Ending
* 3D Style Picture in Picture Effects
* Organic Transitions
* Music of your Choice
* Your Logo as the main title
* Running time - approx. 6-9 minutes

0 additional per photo/video

*Cropping and Red Eye Removal is included

* revision 
is included, add, replace, or delete photos

* Special Requests might require an additional fee

Base your photos around this formula
for best results:

Growing Up 15
Siblings 15
Family 15
Extended Family 15
Hobbies and/or Activities 20
Friends 35
Finale (most recent shots) 10

(this is becoming popular as series of photos through time)

To see our process, click here

"Sophisticated & Fun Montages at a price that is hard to believe and impossible to beat!"

Select from one of the Opening Templates below or leave it up to us to use one that's appropriate. 
Due to the complexity, templates marked Premium will require and additional $100

Please tell us your theme, colors, vibe and we can find one that fits.

Template Themes

Reset filters

20th Century Fox Opener

American Football Logo

Award Opener

Baseball Opener B

Basketball Open B

Beach Opener A

Candy Balls Opener

Changing Perspective Opener

Cinema Logo Open

Curtain 1

Dance Club Party Opener

Disco Nightclub Opener

Dust Proclamation

Edge Light Logo Reveal

Epic Storm

Final Break Through Opener

Floral Peek

Football Game Day 2

Football Vision

Fun Kinetic Typography

Glimmer City Opener

Golden Moon

Grunge Opener

Hearts Logo Reveal

I Love NY


Light Stage Logo Opener

Midnight Dreams Opener

Neon Logo Reveal A

New York 1

New York City Opener

Pirate Ship Opener

Refined Framework Opener

Rollercoaster Opener

Skater Intro

Slot Machine 3

Soccer Championship

Soccer Opener 2

Soccer Opening

Splashing Horse

Star Dances Opener

Stars Party

Superhero Logo Opener


TikTok Open 1

Touch The Clouds Opener 2

Ultimate Sports Opener

Your Airlines

3D Light Epic Logo

Aqua Garden Opener A

Baseball Logo

Basket Fire

Basketball Open C

Beach Opener B

Casino Opener A

Cinema Hall Intro

Circle System Opener

Curtain 2

Dance Opener

Disney Opener

Dust Proclamation

Enchanted Forest 2

Fashion Opener

Fish Opener

Flower Dance Opener

Football Night

Frozen Opener A

Game Board 2

Glow Light Logo

Graffiti Wall Opener

HBO Opener

Hip Hop Dance Party

InDaClub Opener

Lets Party! Paint Splat Opener

MGM Intro Opener

My Las Vegas Opener

Neon Logo Reveal B

New York 2

Night Club Opener

Poker Chip Opener

Retro Opener 3D

Round Perspectives Opener

Slot Machine 1

Slot Machine Logo Reveal

Soccer Night

Soccer Opener A

Space Opener

Spray Paint

Star Strung

Summer Party Opener

Tennis Open 1

Theater 2

TikTok Open 2

Travel Opener

Urban Skate Opener

3D Spotlight Logo

Aqua Garden Opener B

Baseball Opener A

Basketball Logo Reveal

Basketball Opener

Board Game

Center Stage Opener

Cinema Intro Opener

Club Party Promo Opener

Curtain 3

Deep Blue Sea Opener

Dr. Who Opener

Dynamic Mosaic Opener

Epic Soccer Logo Opener

Film Strip Opener

Floral Autumn Leaves Opener A

Football Game Day

Football Opener

Frozen Opener B

Glamourous Opener

Gold or Silver Logo

Grafitti Logo

Harry Potter Opener

Hockey Night

January Colors

Light Ray Logo

Magic Forest

Mystic Wishes Opener

Neon Text Animation

New York 3

Particle Fun

Purple Party Opener

Rock Music Opener

Say it with Love Opener

Slot Machine 2


Soccer Opener

Soccer Opener B

Splash Words Opener

Spray Your Graffiti Opener

Stars Alley

Sunset Logo

Tennis Open 2

Theater Titles

Touch The Clouds Opener 1

Tropical Party Opener

Winter Opener

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